.NET Web Service API

The VINoptions .NET web service API can be accessed from the following endpoint:


The web service exposes the GetVinData method, which can be called to return the available data on a given VIN.

GetVinData takes a string accessKey parameter and a string VIN parameter, a C# example of the method call is shown below.

string accessKey = // Your API access key.

string VIN = // Your VIN.

V3VinData vinDataService = new V3VinData();

V3VinRequest vehicleInfo = vinDataService.GetVinData(accessKey, VIN);

The V3VinRequest object returned by GetVinData contains a Message property, which specifies whether the request succeeded or failed, as well as a DataSources property. Depending on the type of access granted by your key, you will receive a combination of the following three datasources: Generic, Verified Build and Syndicated Listing.


The VINoptions REST API can be accessed with a GET request to the following URL:


After a valid request has been sent the API will respond with a JSON payload containing the following objects:

Name Description Type
message The success or failure of the request. string
session A GUID for the current API session. string
vINDataSources All available vehicle information for the given VIN. VINDataSource[]
vIN The VIN given in the request. string


Name Description Type
dataSourceName The name of the DataSource. string
status The status of the data within the DataSource. string
vehicleInfo All available vehicle information from the current DataSource. VehicleInfo[]


Name Description Type
availableOptionsDetails All available optional equipment for the vehicle. OptionPackage[]
availablePaint All available paint for the vehicle. Paint[]
bodyStyleName The body style name of the vehicle. string
cabType The cab type of the vehicle. string
drivenWheels The amount of driven wheels on the vehicle. string
features All of the features detected on the vehicle. Feature[]
genericBodyStyleName The generic version of the body style name. string
installedEquipment All of the installed equipment on the vehicle. Equipment[]
installedOptionsDetails All of the installed optional equipment on the vehicle. OptionPackage[]
makeName The make name of the vehicle. string
manufacturerCode The manufacturer code of the vehicle. string
modelName The model name of the vehicle. string
modelYear The model year of the vehicle. string
mSRP The MSRP of the vehicle. string
numberOfDoors The number of doors on the vehicle. string
optionsPackages Comma separated list of installed optional equipment codes. string
paint The paint installed on the vehicle. Paint
photos The URLs for photos of the vehicle. string[]
transmissionType The type of transmission installed on the vehicle. string
trimName The trim name of the vehicle. string
versionName The version name of the vehicle. string


Name Description Type
name The name of the optional equipment. string
optionCode The code for the optional equipment. string
optionPackageEquipment The individual pieces of equipment that comprise the option. Equipment[]
type Whether the option is a package or an individual option. string


Name Description Type
attribute The attribute name. string
category The category of the equipment. string
item The item name. string
location The location of the equipment. string
value The attribute value. string


Name Description Type
code The code for the paint. string
genericColor The generic color name for the paint. string
name The full name of the paint. string


Name Description Type
category The category of the feature. string
name The name of the feature. string